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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Rent a Motorcycle with an overseas license?

Yes you can Rent a Motorcycle with an overseas license.  However the license must clearly state (in English) that you are licensed to ride a motorcycle in your home country of the equivalent size to  the one you are Renting. Please note that if you have an Australian Car License any overseas Motorcycle License is invalid. 

If you have an Indian License it must state that you are licensed to ride a Motorcycle with Gears.

Is there somewhere I can leave my car?

Yes.  We have a number of car parking spaces available.

What type helmets do you have available?

We have both Full Face and Open Face helmets available.

Do you have Motorcycle Clothing for Hire?

We have a large range of Jackets and a limited range of Kevlar Jeans which can be hired for $15.00 per day.  We also have a very limited range of boots available.

Can I pick up and drop off on a Sunday?

Yes you can pick and drop off on Sundays.

Motorcycle Rental Loyalty Program Introduction

The aim of the Melbourne Motorcycle Rental Loyalty Program is to make riding a late model motorcycle more affordable and easier than ever before. Enjoy riding a Premium Brand Motorcycle without the cost of ownership. Members can take advantage of the ability to earn Reward Points making it more affordable to rent a motorcycle than ever before.

The concept is simple. We purchase and maintain a fleet of various types and sizes of motorcycles. You pay an annual membership fee to join the program. The entire fleet is then available for you to rent.  There are three membership options.

There are three membership options available. To become a member of one of these programs please click on the relevant image and follow the prompts.

Street Class Membership requires an annual payment of $104.  This Membership allows you to rent  “smaller” size street oriented motorcycles from this Class and receive Reward Points equal to 15% of your payment that can be used toward payment for future motorcycle rentals.   

Cruiser Class Membership requires an annual payment of $115.  This Membership Class allows you to rent any motorcycle within the Cruiser and Street Class of motorcycles and earn Reward Points equal to 15% of your payment that can be used toward payment for future motorcycle rentals.

Touring Class Membership requires an annual payment of $130.  This Membership allows you to rent Touring Motorcycles or any other motorcycle in our range and earn Reward Points equal to 15% of your payment that can be used toward payment for future motorcycle rentals.

In addition to earning Reward Points members will have the opportunity to take up Rental DEALS which are exclusive to this program.

How do I become a Member?

To become a Member use the Join on this web site and purchase the Membership best suited to your circumstances.

Membership Benefits

Joining this program enables members to earn Reward Points which equate to 15% of what you have spent on renting motorcycles under this program.  In addition Members will receive information about Local Rides and Events and receive access to EXCLUSIVE monthly DEALS.

How long does Membership last?

The Membership Term is one year and is renewed automatically unless you opt out.

Who can become a Member?

Membership is open to any Australian Resident who has a Motorcycle License and who is over the age of 21 years.

Where do the Motorcycles come from?

All Motorcycles are provided by Melbourne Motorcycle Hire Pty Ltd. Please note that Rental Terms and Conditions apply.

How are Memberships renewed?

Membership will automatically renew every twelve months unless you choose to opt out. If you want to renew after opting out of the automatic renewal you can simply opt in again to renew your subscription.

Can I cancel my Membership?

Your Membership cannot be cancelled until the end of your membership year.

Do I have to become a Member to Rent a Motorcycle?

No. You can rent a motorcycle direct from without becoming a member however standard pricing will apply. 

What happens if I do not use my Reward Points?

If you do not use your Reward Points in any given month they will be automatically rolled over. So long as your membership is not cancelled we will allow you to bank Reward Points for 12 months. All membership dues must be current to do this.

Do Ride Points Expire?

If you stop renewing your membership you can make a reservation using Ride Points for up to 60 days after your membership has stopped. In any case all Ride Points will expire 12 months after they have been awarded.


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